Hamburger menu icon on the left with hero blocs


I’m struggling with something I thought I could find easily, but after searching for more than a hour I decided to ask for support.

The thing is that I want to create a website with big images as a background and the hamburger menu visible on the left (and the side bar menu appearing also on the left).

I tried to do it with a navigation bloc, but the result is ugly on the mobile version (the convergence with 2 same images doesn’t work on the mobile version).
I tried a bit to find a way to move the “navbar-toggle .icon-bar” on class manager, but I just manage to move it with a fix pixel position, which makes the hamburger icon not visible on the mobile version (and the side bar menu is on the right).

I’m pretty sure I miss something, but don’t see what.

Thanks in advance.
I’d love to manage to do it :slight_smile: