Hamburger Menu problem in New Blocs 5

Hi Folks,
Can I get rid of the symbol for the the hamburger menu? I am using my own. Worked fine in blocs 4. But in Blocs 5 I am now seeing the hamburger lines on top of the symbol and there appears to be no option to remove it or replace with transparent. Any suggestions on how to remove the lines would be great.

I have attached the blocs 5 version which has the lines.

My current website is at Virtual Teacher
It is the blocs 4 version with no lines on the hamburger menu.

Blocs 5 Menu

Thanks in advance.



Hey, @cathy007. Your attachment is missing.

Try adding the class: .navbar-toggler-icon in the class manager and set display to: none.


I’ll give it a try and let you know thanks for the advice.

Hi Jerry - I couldn’t seem to make that work but have figures it out. Just goto the toggle hamburger menu and set the colour to transparent. So obvious, but I missed it totally. thanks for adding some thought starters - your - set the display to zero helped a lot in the thinking.

Much Obliged.

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thought I had this nailed. however now the push button has disappeared altogether. When I use the old css it is OK. However the css for Blocs 5 doesn’t the push button disappears. Here is how it looks in preview, and in preview browsers firefox and Chrome.
Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 5.53.50 pm
However when uploaded the push button disappears.

However if you click where it should be the menu is revealed.
Hope someone can give me solution.



You’ve set your opacity to 0 and that’s why it disappears. If I set it to 1 it reappears

Thanks Jerry,
I am sorry to trouble you further, but where do I set this opacity?
The image is set as a background image in the class
but I can’t find the opacity settings in this class.

Hey, @cathy007. Please PM the file. You’ve replaced the .gif with a .webp image. it becomes a bit messy now :grin:

Make sure you do the following prior to sending: File —> Export —> Generate Package. After exporting right click on the folder and compress it to be able to send.

I’ll have a look when back home tonight.

Sorry Jerry the site is over 100 pages so even the zip file is over 100 MB.
The push gif appears in Blocs 4 app as per above with spinning outer edge.
In blocs 5 it is their inthe preview and in browser previews but not when uploaded
At the moment I have some dots only on the website.
Here is the link to Zip file - to big to upload here.
Thanks for taking a look.
I have a similar push button on our other site at
So I am hoping to find a solution I can use for both. Thanks for your help.



The solution has been sent via PM. I’m pretty sure the issue on your other website is similar so the same method can be applied.

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