Hamburger toggle - yes opening this issue again

Ok, by know we have learned it´s a Bootsrap issue due to using SVG.
Thanks to the help of great coders in this forum I could solve it somehow and make sites nice according to hamurger style and colour in mobile view.
But hey, is this the blocsapp we want?
Mobile first - all over the web, and in Blocs we can only choose a theme “dark” or “light” and none of those apear good to our design?
There must a be a way - far easier and “for non coders” than that @Norm.

I agree, blocs has great potential, but it was promised as a simple app for non coders,
Hope promise will be hold.

Is this something no one in the comunity cares more than than the hype of any new beta?

Hey, Mobile first - and therefore a styleable hamburger is NEEDED!

I think we all would like something that works as you stated. But Blocs uses Bootstrap 4 and the change in using SVG makes this a lot harder. I think @Norm uses the defaults given with 4. (dark/light). The problem going into bootstrap 4 and changing/adding the Bootstrap code itself might have adverse effects as Bootstrap 4 itself updates and changes. I think this is why some of the other features users want are just not possible using just Bootstrap 4. I believe this is one of the main reasons Norm has worked so hard adding the API and other coding options.


thanks calming down @casey1823.

Always apreciating @norm ´s efforts, realy do.
And thanks to this great forum I mostly find a way make things work.
But, besides of all understanding - we have stated being blocs fans and rebuilded our sites/pages/projects.
So far the hobby side…
I worry if blocs is ending up in a mess like RW trusting 3rd party DEVs to step in solving regular tasks.
Just thoughts…

Blocs 3 is comitted to Boostrap 4
Hamurger not stylable is not a good step in.
Mobile first, the style of Hamburger is a major thing.

I don’t think that’s Norms vision at all. He’s just trying to make Blocs the best it can be. Just look some of the sites that are being built with just Blocs and classes. Look at all the great additions that keep coming to the core program.

On the other side, some users need/want more features. This is why Norm has opened things up for the developers. My take is that’s a win win for both sides. As long as the core program is strong you are not forced to add anything.

Bottom line is Norm has a business, I want him to be sucessful and this will ensure Blocs continues to grow. Blocs Rocks!


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I do agree 100%!
Still thinking that for a non coder app the Hamurger design should be more than “light” or “dark”.

Without this forum blocs 3 - like 2 - would be vanished.

Thanks for having this two sides of view conversation.

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I agree it could be easier.

But for me to make it easier, I need to make the underlying code and approach worse (bloated) or develop a way to edit inline SVGs via Blocs which is a big task just to let you edit the colour of the menu icon. My goal is to try and stick to the native setup of Bootstrap as much as possible to make sites perform the best they can.

The dev API will enhance Blocs, it will not be a crutch for it. We will always include, what we consider ‘the essentials’ in the core app, other developers and ourselves included will use the API to offer more customisable options for various aspects.


Thanks @Norm spending your time reading and answering issues here in this fantastic forum.
I really think your personal care on each of us is extraordinary.
Please keep on developing this great app your way, even if people like me sometimes want an “obvious simple” task working easier – Especially when it was better in a former version. We have no clue about the hard work of “Papa Blocs” behind it.
And yes, your aim to keep the code slim and stable is definitely most important.
I am glad having so many helping siblings here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Whish you all a nice weekend


I’m going to see if I can come up with a solution to this, I’m just not sure which is best. Maybe the ability to simply assign your own image, svg etc as the toggle icon may work.

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