Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!
With love from Paris, enjoying our second quarantine… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks, @Stewie_Griffin, happy Halloween to you as well! :jack_o_lantern: I trust you will “enjoy” your second lockdown. Over here in Mauritius, we’re now Covid free since April and on top of it: Summer is starting! :desert_island: :palm_tree: :sun_with_face: :sunglasses: Bon courage!


And it looks like we’re about to join you in lockdown for a month in the uk.
Just waiting for the official announcement.

Happy Halloween!

yeah…its happened, but not a proper lock down. I would say its a 50% lock down, and the last one was a 70% lockdown. But its better than nothing. Wish we did it 2 weeks ago.

Keep safe all.

We in NZ join you @Jerry. Although we have had some small spikes of community outbreak. The only Covid we really have is in managed isolation from people travelling here.

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We are on quarantine till December but here its getting crazy again with the cases. Dont really understand the point when kids have to go to school…