Having issue by exporting project. Page content is switched!


Last couple of times by exporting the project i have strange behaviour with the pages.

For example. Today morning I have added two new pages regarding the GDPR. And have exported the project. The content on both pages is switched. Actually on one page the content is switched from another page (second added page) and on another page i have content from a different page that have existed before in the project.

This have happen to me since i have updated to 2.50. last time. I had that problem before with one page where by exporting the project the page it consisted of header and footer. The content in the middle was gone. Not existed.

Did anyone had a similar issues?

This is really pain in the ass to hack the page names to get them right.
This is also happening in the latest beta build.

The second thing that i have issue is sometimes from alone the bloc/brick is populated with a background image. It will be not exported. It just appears.


Please use in app support to report bugs. It’s easy for me to loose track and forget about posts like this in the forum, once I’ve read them.

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Sure. Sorry :smiley:

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No worries it’s just easier to manage bugs of this nature when they are logged with your direct contact etc.