Having Issues Posting Exported Site To Go Daddy Hosting IMG ISSUES

Anyone else having trouble getting images to publish when uploading there files into the file manager for GO Daddy hosting? All i get is a box and question mark. I have tried to upload the files in different sequences but still the box? The HTML works but uploaded images associated not working?? Any ideas?

my website is Jbayak.com I only have one image u can see it in the question mark!!! please i need help and need to get this biz going.

I will look into this tomorrow, when I’m back in the office. In the meantime test your site locally by just opening the index.html file in a browser, if the images show fine, it’s somthing you are doing in transferring the data to your server.

Thank you will Do!

Okay i did what u said I open the file in the browser and it worked great. In the Godaddy file Manger I am uploading the files to the Public_HtML file in the manager. U can not click a bunch of files at once u have to pick them one at a time. I was aware that errors can occur doing this uploading of web pages but have never had this issue. Getting Back into it. My img is 1.1 MB around. I was just trying to route a page and then trick it out after.

@JBAYAK are you taking care to upload the directory structures also?, you can’t just upload all the individual files into the same directory. The directory’s ie “img”, “css” must also be created on the server with the files located in them inside, so the image paths remain intact.

thanks Dawg ill give a try.

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Norm ur super Awesome!!! thanks

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Sunday morning support, now you don’t see that much :wink:


@JBAYAK did you check the “Permission” input on your Hosting Provider? Images should be 644 :slight_smile:

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I am am Newbie and did not reflect the file directory on the file manager in go daddy hosting DOH! Norm told me how to do it right and now I was able to get a quick and dirty site up while I make a nice one! All hail NORM!

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I’ve only once tried using a file uploader inside a control panel and just wondered if you had tried using an FTP client instead? There are some good options out there and some of them are even free.

Many experienced web designers would say it’s actually a good thing that Blocs does not include an FTP client. I would have to agree.

I totally agree. Take control with a reliable trustworthy FTP app which will make you aware of folder and file locations which is an important thing to be aware of.

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