Having problems with basics-- getting started

Finding the Blocs app difficult to use. I’ve hand coded sites and made some quick landing pages with Mobirize, but for some reason, I keep getting stuck with Blocs. Watched videos, read the documentation and fiddling around with first page for hours and still not right.

Just a few things- I can’t fix:

  1. How to move the header section up on the hero bloc? When I look in browser preview it’s not in the same position as in design mode so need to move it up towards the top of the page

  2. How to change the font color for the menu/navigation section.

Thank you.

Hi Juniper - I’m on my iPad outside A Starbucks at the moment: if I was on my Mac I could help you more.

Class manager is the answer to both your queries. It’s also worth looking in page settings to kill the ordinary global menu.

If you can do a search for my forum posts @Norm recently helped me with menu items.

Finally, Blocs is a young app with lots of promise. It can though, still be a bit of a rough diamond.

Use custom classes to apply more advanced styling and placement.

The hero bloc fits screen height so take into consideration that text in this Bloc will shift vertically based on the browser window height. Via the Class editor, maybe use background position or add a text shadow / box shadow in order to keep the text legable at any position while it overlaps your background image rather than work on a fixed position.


Thanks, I’ll search for your other posts.

Ok, thanks I’ll try that.