Head page text impossible to delete

I have a problem with my website. When I export it in every page on the top of it on the html page appear this text. I am not able to delete this text. I tryed to delete all the page and the class of the website but the problem continuos. I don’t know what to do. The website is lizhotel.it
thanks for help.

Street View Containers
<!-- Async script executes immediately and must be after any DOM elements used in callback. -->

I think you’re doing something wrong putting the google maps on you’re site.

check this tutorial:https://www.w3schools.com/graphics/google_maps_intro.asp

Yes, the error seems to be that. But i make a try and I deleted all the page of the website, and left it blank, the text still be there.
A one page site without any blocs and any brics, the head text still be here, maybe a setting or a bug?

ok, what you see is a comment tag in HTML, You can delete the comment if you like, So go to where you put the code and delete the comment tag and you’re problem should be solved.
It does not harm you’re site in any way it is an HTML comment tag.