Header File Attachments applied to all pages

I have a few header file attachments in my page. If you want to know the names of them, they are:
borderanimate.css, fancybutton.css, dropdown.css, borderClassMenuSupport.js, semiparalax.js, and navColorOverride.css
That’s a total of 6 files.
I also have some different header file attachments on other pages. Now if I preview the site in a browser and inspect the header, this is what I get:

All those extra stylesheets and js files are files that I have used on both this page and some of them I have only used on other pages. Also you might notice that a few of the files are referenced multiple times (fancybutton.css is referenced 4 times). Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Woops, that’s a mess :fearful:

You haven’t added them in both these places?

Try removing all files in the Page Settings -> Header File Attachments"
Export and check again, if all are gone go back and add one, export and check and so on.