Header / Navbar in Hero bloc after scrolling


i have set a the Hero Bloc with navbar as global header

In the backround there is video. After the first scroll the nav bar is set to sticky.
My Problem is that i want to set the Padding of the Navbar to 0xp (none).
How to i do that? Wenn i use the padding option than my Hero video disappears.
I think i need to set up a class for that, but what do i have to set in that class so that the Navbar will get/stay small.

My pic in the header is a bit big butt i want to set the navbar and the pic so that both a even.

Link to site Page in work

@Norm do you have an idea?

Genau, zum beispiel “Stickynav” oder ähnliches als klasse und dann am Zirkel spielen.
Achtung, ich habe das Logo auch kleiner gemacht damit die Navbar nicht so riesig ist.

Was meinst du genau?

@Kilian was meinst du genau?

What do you mean with Stickynav?