Header- navigation menus- logo and text

Before the 2.3 build 12 beta I could create two different navigation menus. one for the entire site, the other for every single page. Now they both take the same logo and text. how do I differentiate?

I guess you wouldn’t always use the top global area.
Either create 2 headers and toggle the visibility, or create your own (but this will mean creating your own menus).

Create a page with a top block as a header with another below for content, style the top as the menu for index page as you want for the home page.
Then duplicate that page and change so the menu is styled for all other pages.
Then duplicate that twice and keep one for a template.

hi Andy Smith
I thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I can not do what you say, seresti kind enough to tell me the steps to do that?

Thanks so much