HELLO and Blocs 2.6 alongside 3.1. not working (SOLVED)

HELLO people!
I use Blocs to make a simple website and I saw the new 3.1
I would like to have both apps running at the same time if possible. (but i can’t) I want this because I want to keep managing my current website until i can make a new version of my current website with 3.1
As many forums, I had searched for similar questions and I founded some.
In one similar question the problem supposed to be solved by moving the Blocs 3 to the desktop , rename it (such from Blocs to Blocs-3) and move it to the Application folder. So I did. However, when I click on the new Bloc-3 icon inside of the Application folder it doesn’t open. It shows on the DOCK bouncing 2 times and then stops and that’s it. I’m using 2.6
Any new possible solutions? thanks!


I just renamed the Blocs (the old version) to Blocs 2. Blocs 3 is just ‘Blocs’.

yes I did that too. like the opposite. But if I click in the old version then the old version won’t open. :thinking:

Um… did you try to do a clean install?

is it possible to open my 2.6 website in 3.1? if so… then problem solved! oh?

It is possible, but you will have to go through the migration process, which will result in some possible issues you will have to fix manually.

I think that if you just do a clean install of both apps, it should work.

i will try

OK, then let me know if you need any help!

OK so … this is too bad. I didn’t know that the trial period for blocs 3.1 has so many limitations…
now I remade a site and can’t do nothing.
OK I want to buy 3.1 but! I went to Blocsapp.com to buy and clicked on the BUY button… can’t buy anything?
when I clicked on it it takes me to the top of the site and that’s it? where I can buy this app? Apple App store? any links? thanks!

I went to blocsapp.com, clicked the “Buy Blocs” button and the pop up showed up.
No problem here.

Do have any browser add ons installed?



this is what I got on Chrome (from left to right)
-Social Book Post Manager
-Full page screenshot
-Https everywhere
-Privacy Badger
-Wayback machine
-Responsive web design tester

Try Safari or Firefox.
Your image says nothing to me. No Idea what this is.

Yes, it seems this Chrome extension was preventing to load the pop up. thanks!