HELP! BlocsApp (3.5.0) crashes upon opening

Hi. I just wanted to update my website but I cannot open Blocs. The app keeps closing straight after I open the website file. I haven’t done anything different; there was never a problem in the past.

I have restarted my mac. Both mac (Catalina 10.15.5) and blocs (3.5.0) are latest versions…

Can someone please help me ASAP??? Thank you!!

Can you open a new project fine?

Is your project stored on the cloud?

no. i can’t open both of my projects. they are stored on icloud. :slight_smile:

Try this beta version as it solved an iCloud saving issue. Have you tried restarting your computer or re-installing the Blocs App?

i haven’t reinstalled the app. but i have restarted the computer. i will now try the beta app. thank you

A long time ago I did have this issue but only when iCloud had decided to have a remote copy of the file only and it wasn’t local. (My SSD was maxed out at the time).

Maybe this issue has resurfaced? Which may be fixed in the beta lol.

same problem with the BETA version. i am now downloading the file so it is on my laptop…

@Malachiman ~ Goodness… All it took to download the file onto the laptop. Now it is working…
Thank you so much for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

PS it is working in the 3.5.0 and the BETA version. My suggestion: when you open Blocs and your projects are displayed with a .bloc file extension; download them first onto your hard drive.

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Great. I am not sure if its a Blocs issue or a MacOS issue, maybe a little bit of both.

Send a report in though, with you findings, it maybe something Norm can address?

Well i’m having difficulty too! I keep saving and ereopening.

iCloud Files not downloaded on local storage Will have a .icloud extension after the original extension and are very small in file size indicating that they’re basically like placeholders or ‘touch’ files. I’m not sure Blocs currently has the ability to determine whether projects are really there or not.

Yes I know thanks.

My bad. Didn’t check the entire thread