Help for a new project

Hello, greetings to all.
In particular, I loved writing and I’m working on a new project …

But I’ve come across some details I have to pass the design of a PSD template to Bloc so this is what I’m working on at the beginning:

so I thought about joining a carousel in that area, and this is what I have achieved:

This is where I start to get complicated, in bloc app everything seems fine, when I look at the browser, it looks like this:

for the icons and text of the left side I have foreseen, I will use svg as much for the icons as for the text.

Now the text that is on the carousel, I can not move it further to the left! and the image does not remain on the white block!

I wonder, if there will be an easy way to do it, or can not, or is there something I’m missing at this point!

If someone guides me, they would be very helpful. Greetings again and thanks in advance

Hi Nelo,

Have you tried selecting the row & apply left justify? Also could select the div parent and then apply a class. Could use absolute positioning to move everything around w/in the image area. Under Page Settings you could apply a custom css file using Header File Attachments. Just need to set up a file.css & inside of it start w/

<style type="text/css" media="all">

… your css



Hello Bill, thanks for answering, I am not a comom programmer, I am still stinging with some base codes …

But I found a way to do it and it looks fantastic, I leave you an image, thanks for answering.