Help for buttons gallery

guys help me pls - this is problem
i want to do a gallery like this
but overlap occurs
how fix it

no one help me?

community ?

Hi Dimitry

Трудно помочь вам, не видя, как вы создали свою оригинальную галерею.

Difficult to assist you without seeing how you created your original gallery.

Однако я добавил следующий файл, который вы могли бы использовать вместо своего, на основе таких кнопок, как Eldar, созданный в его видео (изображение заменено кнопками).

However I have attached the following file you could use instead of yours as based on buttons like @Eldar created in his video (image brics replaced by buttons).

Team Dimitry.bloc (200.8 KB)

Просто откройте файл и в меню добавьте блок в свою библиотеку блоков, чтобы затем повторно использовать в своем проекте. Затем вам все равно нужно будет стилизовать по мере необходимости. Надеюсь это поможет.

Simply open the file and from the menu add the bloc to your bloc library to then re-use in your project. You will then still need to style as appropriate. Hope this helps.


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Have you been able to get it right now?


just download it

thank u for helping
right now it looks like this -

this is a solve?

hmmm how to fix size between borders?

Remove the 250 from each dimension box so you just have the 100%, that will keep the gap between images the same.

i want like this

this is i final idea

Hi @dmitry_s

It clearly appears that the styling you have been inputting is messing all around. My Bloc is fully responsive and does not act that way.

Since I see from your last video that it would actually be a real gallery of images - I do not understand why you would want it shaped with buttons instead (as shown in the Eldar’s video you provided).

If you wish PM (private message) your Bloc/Project and I may be able to assist with styling.


I want the labels to appear when I hover over. And in the block with the image that behave as it should, there is no such possibility …

Is this some kind of difficult task or is it just impossible to do?

Hi @dmitry_s

Okay so this is as far I could get. Hope it helps you.

Gallery with hover effect.bloc (213.2 KB)


Thank u very much!!!