Help for non-English speaking users

Who is the most knowledgeable guy for you here,
next to @Norm of course … and why?

For me, it’s @Eldar, @Jakerlund and @Pauland.
Because these make the effort to make videos and snapshots, besides their text.
Which people whose natural language is not English, are visually very helpful.

I ask the question with the background, how can you answer in a forum with xy participants from different countries, but which is conducted in English, best answer.

I am more dependent on help … than I can give linguistically.
Is it so hard to offer an official help-forum in different languages?
It is the technical terms and their deeper meaning,
which tired at work.

i think this forum should stay a ‘one language forum’ as every problem only needs one time to be solved. And some problems never would be solved in a multi language forum… (e.g. problem in german - solution is only known to someone not understanding…)

i think it makes more sense to learn better english :blush: - so for me forums like this are not only good for finding help or helping s.o. else, they also help me learning better english. :slight_smile:

In german/auf deutsch: nur Mut, das mit dem Englisch verstehen und formulieren ist gar nicht so schwer und hält die Birne in Schwung!

That’s right …
but if I get tired, I would like to read German.

If I am fresh, I usually do not need any help.
And in the forum in German, or in another language,
everyone could link, to any language, if there is a video to it - for example.

@Norm, wollte ein Wunder ohne Code-Vorwissen erzeugen, nicht ich.
Und ich bin ihm sehr dankbar dafür.

PS.: "If I am fresh, I usually do not need any help."
That’s wrong!

So, into the world:
who does not always understand the friendly and responsive answers in English
… and does not answer, simply because he believes,
he can not understand it in English?

But would like to have a translation, that gives them security in understanding.
A common world of winners does not need any foreign languages, but until then.

Do you mean that you would like each user to be able to use their native language, and then for any comments to be translated as needed. In effect a single forum with in line translation for a specific users preference!

That would be amazing, though can’t say I have ever seen one.

Does the Chrome translate option work well enough to help you out?

No, uh … no!
Everyone in his language.
This is difficult enough …
who moderates, who says what is right and wrong.

Ask Italian, French and other Europeans
how much they use English, out of there joy.

Totally understand. Especially as I have no linguistic skills at all, so I would be totally excluded from none English sites.

Quite envious of all you out there with more than one language.

Thus @Norm

Translate your no-code app, finally into other languages.
Translation is the key to … success.

Google interpreter perfectly copes with this problem)

Yes … I also know a good program in Arabic.
Let’s try the translation then … on Google.

So well,
but never tell me again, as an Austrian, who lives in Germany
… we are linguistically nationalist.

Especially, regarding help forums.

And by the way …
how many languages can a native English speak?
Great performance
… and this means the world.