Help for someone trialing the software

Hi, I installed a trial this weekend and followed Eldar’s very helpful videos. As soon as I tried to recreate another simple portfolio site though I came unstuck with 3 issues straight away. The website I was trying to partially recreate was this one: and my issues were:

  • When I duplicate a carousel (to keep the same settings and amount of slides in the carousel) I replaced the images in the carousel but when I previewed the site, the carousel reverted back to the original images and ignored my new ones

  • When I created a white sticky nav bar with a white website background for the main area, Blocs puts a grey key line in between them which I don’t want (see the website link above for an example of how I’d like this to look). How do I take the line off so it’s just a plain white nav bar?

  • I couldn’t figure out which nav bar to select form the pre-existing ones in order to copy the nav in the link above. It’s not a traditional nav with name or logo on one side and nav links on the other. Can anyone help with this?

If any of these issues are bugs in the software it would be great to find out now before I dedicate more time to learning Blocs. Thanks very much for any help…

Also, is there a way of taking out the arrows in the carousel? I need to have lots of control over Blocs features in order to use it for client’s websites and am unsure at the moment how flexible the brics are.

Thanks again


First of all, I am glad that you have found my videos helpful. I am not sure what classes you have signed up for, but I explain how to get rid of the grey line for navigation in some of my videos. I will make the video where I show how to use Custom Class Manager public and put it here for you.

I can’t replicate this issue. Did you clear the cache in your browser? Also, does your images have the same filenames?

Check out the video below. It’s part of Building a website in Blocs video course, but I made this public to help you. The navigation shadow is the first thing I am showing in the video, but there is also an explanation on how to edit the alert messages in Blocs.

I find the menu a bit confusing in the site you are recreating. I will try to recreate it in Blocs and share it with you, but if I were you, I would come up with something easier to understand and navigate.

It can take some time to adjust to how Blocs works, but when you do, you will love it. :slight_smile:

You can edit or remove the arrows using the subclasses. Go to Custom Class Manager and select the classes for carousel. To get rid of the arrows, just add the classes for arrows, open the class editor and set the text size to 0.


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Thanks Eldar, unfortunately I couldn’t use Blocs for a few days and the trial has run out so I can’t try these but thanks for taking the time the reply in so much detail.

It looks like everything can be sorted but I’m wondering if I need something much simpler like Everweb or Sparkle. I’ve just been looking at some of the updates they have with animation etc so may check them out.

Hello Eldar,

where is this “Custom Class Manager”? I’ve never seen anything like the screen grab you did. Are they standard in Blocs, or did you make all these > Carousel Nav…, …Pre, …Next, …Indicator, …Active, etc Also all the Lightbox, Image frame, tool tip etc.

Thanks in advance
Ron O Vermeulen

These should help you:

Hello Blocs_User,

I know all about these. I have done two websites in Blocs so far, moved over from Muse land. The question was > Are these “Custom Classes” already assigned to the Carousel Bric? Where are they they? If not, then I guess it’s a LONG SHLOG to create these one by one, for each element of the carousel.

I’ve also bought the Eldar lesson pack.

I’m so hoping “Carousel Bric 2” is coming soon, with all the other requests, myself and other people have made.

For any real guidance, Thanks in advance
Ron O.

Really? Ok.

You asked about the above screen grab, the links which I provided above will give you the information you need. So what is missing based upon what you have asked?

I feel that is what I answered, particularly concerning these two links already mentioned above concerning subclasses which you asked about:

If you watch the video in the first link about Subclasses you will see how to access those subclasses. The second link gives a description of each.

Really? The first response seemed to answer your question with “real guidance” already and simply restated again here. :roll_eyes:

Sorry blocs_user, it appears they are somewhat hidden in the bowels of the “SUB-CLASS” menu. As it turns out, none of these do what I want. I.E. Move the Text and dots below the image. Also put the < > arrows outside of the image. Of course we’re also waiting for the ability to have clickable thumbnails. Carousel-V2 please! That OWL plugin bric, doesn’t do it either. Slideshow worked perfect in Muse.

Once chosen you would then need to actually apply some custom styling to the subclass to do whatever you desire.