Help? I made a Simple 1 Page October CMS and - Not Working?


I have run into a problem when trying to deploy to an October CMS with a simple Blocs site.

I am using MAMP Pro (latest) for a test bed. I downloaded the latest October CMS and ran the installer in my testbed site. October CMS successfully runs and I configure it minimally (set the mail configuration).

I build a simple 1 page Blocs 3 (latest) site with October CMS selected as the project CMS. I add 1 CMS block to the page for testing and name it “launch-date” by clicking on the lightning icon on the page element.

I export the project as a October CMS theme, and copy the theme to the themes directory under the CMS. I go to the backend and select the theme from the theme manager and activate it.

I now try to load the page, and all I get is the loader:

I don’t know what to do now.

Based on another thread, I tried turning off all the minify options, et al, on the export and trying again. Sadly, no dice.

This is a bug in Blocs, apparently.

The preloader does not work with October CMS in my testing. If I turn off the preloader, the Blocs-October-Theme works fine.

Bug filed with screen capture.

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