Help on a hero style home page

Hi all,

I wanted to have a Hero page on my home page as i do think they look classy and modern, the one thing is all my text on my menu is grey and background is white and this works perfectly for the feel of what I want. I see nearly 90% are dark and have a dark background on the menu throughout the site to keep it feeling the same throughout. This works…but for mine doing this does not.

I then had an idea of my home page, keeping the menu as it is at the top and just having a large image as a background and then the text in the middle - this looks nice and keeps to what I am looking for…BUT the background image sits lower and want this image to sit perfect on the home page without hanging lower down (due the menu thickness at the top) and when I put an icon at the bottom and set it to scroll to next bloc, the bloc has about 1" of the image above on it…On the build in hero pages, this is perfect and does not do this.

Hope this makes sense !!! (basically i want to have a hero, with my menu on the top 100% the same as the rest of the website and the photo to sit on it perfectly.