Help on borders

I have found some difficulties to understand how border menu of a class works; see below the screenshot.


In particular it is not clear to me what is the purpose of the box at the left hand side, where you can click or you can select just one square of it.

Can anyone please clarify?

Thank you so much, dan

If you click on the left, you style the left border. If you click on top, you style the top border.
If you don’t click anything and set the stile and width, you style all of the borders.
Just like the margin & padding menu

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Hi everyone,
I am resuming this post as I also have something to ask about borders.
I haven’t been able to set a bottom only borders. I click on the bottom border, set everything to my needs 1px, black solid, but seems this set the solid border also on top, left and right and the one on the bottom only is 1px… I made this as an example…i set a large dotted border at the bottom, but the whole image is dotted, but only the one at the bottom is 12px …where am i going wrong?
Thank you guys!

I think this may be a bug in the latest release. I get the same situation when trying to style a link with a bottom-border hover effect. The border is applied to the whole link, with only the selected border getting a line width applied. All the rest appear to take on a standard border width.

I had this, but had to manually go in and input 0 (rather than leave blank) into the borders width where I didn’t want them showing. Seemed to work ok from what I can remember from last week.

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Thank you very much guys! @TrevReav it works! :smiley:
Great community! Glad to be here !

You really should check out the Blocs Master Tutorials.