Help project mark error with photos

Buend dia … I am working 3 new projects, but I am already running into several problems when uploading the files to the server.

All the photos appear broken, the photos in jpge or png are not already seen in the web, but if there is the index file the whole page of see in perfect conditions.

Images, logos, icons are not exported, do not appear once the files are on the server, that happens with the 3 projects that I am handling at this moment.

Blocs app 2.4.5 is where I’m working.

blocsapp isn’t involved in the FTP transfer. It seems likely that you have just transferred the HTML files, but you also need to transfer all of the other files that blocsapp creates when the project is exported.

The links are broken because the files aren’t where they should be. they are either not there or in the wrong place.

He uploaded all the files that block genres, by means of ftp, having no problems with other projects in that sense, the images and all the files that they export are stagnant and still this error continues to appear …

After you export do the sites run fine locally? Open the index.html file in a web browser for each site, do they look right?

after exporting the project files blocs, and open the index in any browser everything seems fine, images, logos and icons are perfect … but uploading them to the server via FTP all the images appear broken, jpeg, png e icons do not appear, they appear broken …

I send you a screenshot of how it looks on the server and even cost as I do when I only see the index before uploading it

Without a URL to your published site, it’s hard to tell for sure. But if you look at what published (FTP) to the host there should be directories as well as HTML. Look at your host (from your FTP client or the host’s file manager), and there should be a directory (folder) called img, css, js, and fonts:

The site is:

I have uploaded every file that exports blocks, before something like this has not happened, I really do not know what it could be …

And as I said before if I open the index file once I export the project blocks the page is displayed perfectly, but when uploading files via FTP to the 1 & 1 server the images appear broken

I leave a capture FTP upload

Your site is responding with a bunch of 403 forbidden errors on your images:

That can be caused by many things including directory or file permissions. You might want to check your hosting companies help area.

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Good advice :+1:

Thank you very much, that gave me an idea to solve it with the permission in the images.

Thank you very much for the help

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