HELP to organize 3 pictures


I try to find a way to have 3 pictures like in my screenshot, but no way to success that with blocs…
Is there a nice personn to help me ? !
In block :

What I want :

Thanks you !

Hey! its quite easy.

Here the example
3 pictures.bloc (1.2 MB)

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Nice, I’m not a dev, even if Blocs is super friendly to use… some blocs organisation is difficult for me.

Do you agree to send me your blocs file ?

Thanks a lot

yes its there

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What a noob I am… :rofl:
Thanks Stewie !

I’m a fuc***ing losser… I made the same blocs, same way, same settings…

but :

When I replace your pictures by mines, same result :

So… the issue come from my picture size ? Blocs doesnt manage space to make good alignment ? I Have to calculate to make these 3 pictures blocs like yours ?

When I put the same picture size as yours, I still Have a little space… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: That’s make me super angry …

There are a few way to do it! You can use a custom class and place it where you want!
Or like this:

Custom Class

Try to watch this free course from @Eldar

It will help you to have a basic understanding of blocs :slight_smile:


I’m also struggling to know about this part, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot…for your patience too.
it’s hell for me… I’m graphics designer, I use Illustrator, no probleme to do what I want… web is hell

Im a dancer :stuck_out_tongue:
You can learn a lot on the forum, the people are very helpful here!

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I’m going crazy…
I’m french, and tuto video helps, but, that’s don’t help me to understand why this :
OK :

Test :

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Can you make a screenshot of your project?

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I try to make works on a side bloc file, to start from 0.

Is that you want ? :

Try to change the alignment of the two pictures for left and right on the appearance section. Upload your project here please!

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change the alignment of the two pictures for left and right on the appearance section > OK

here is the file : Test.bloc (1.0 MB)

remove the gutters from the row and it will be fine but the two pictures are a bit bigger than Tableaux_Ruissellements_1_S remember you need to leave a margin between. If you see the example you want to archive the two square images are smaller than the one on the right side.

Hi there – I completely sympathize with your experience. I struggled like you, as a non-dev or designer, to use Blocs coming from other software (muse). My struggles started to decrease and my comfort increased ONLY after letting go of familiar ways of working and learning what Blocs is and does and how to make it work for you (within what ever limits it has).

To do this I had to start from the beginning and learn by taking advantage of @Eldar tutorials. The time put into learning and building skill offset the time of frustration relying on what I wanted to do, what I thought i was doing and going in circles trying to figure out why it wasn’t looking the way I thought it should…

Hope that’s useful info…stick with it! And save time by investing time here:


Hi Daniel,

I remember how frustrated you were with Blocs when you have just joined the community! So, it makes me so happy to hear that my videos were helpful to you. :slight_smile: