Help with content ideas

I am asking for your opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, only your answer.

I am writing a very lengthy article. On the surface the main content is sort of a story. However multiple times through the story I want to highlight or pull out certain truths or morals to the story. Rabbit trails if you will. This is where it gets complicated for my brain.

How do I present these “rabbit trails? Visually my hope is to make them easy to navigate and enticing to read? Of course content wins, that’s totally on me.

I thought about a single page website with accordions to expand if you choose to read them. I also thought about standard text links to new pages. What do you think? Other ideas?

I am posting this in multiple forums so if you see it repeated, no need to answer more than once.

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Accordions would work, but maybe a better way to present “pull” data would be through the use of modals. These can be triggered from on-page graphics, icons, images or text dispersed throughout the page. Each modal can be deigned specifically (with text and graphics) to make the “pull” data more interesting and attractive. Also, works well on mobiles. The thing I like about modals is that they close when you’re done reading, whereas other options such as accordions or visibility options, normally expand the page content, leaving users having to collapse the content before selecting another option.

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