Help with forms - solved


I am new to Blocs. I bought Blocs 2 a couple of months before the upgrade and have now bought 3. My site didn’t migrate well so I have rebuilt my site from scratch. I have a problem though.

I have forms for “contact us” and “subscribe to mailing list” which work fine and send mail through to my email address as expected.

I tried to make a “booking” form for booking enquiries and it keeps coming up with the red error box. All the variables appear to be correct. I decided to try again so started the page and form again from scratch and still got the same error.

I decided to then duplicate one of the pages containing a form that was working and that also didn’t work.

I finally renamed one of the pages containing a form that was working to “booking” and that also came up with the same error. I renamed it back to “contact us” and now it works.

However I am now still left without a booking enquiry form that works.

I am not very technical with computers or blocs and do not yet understand custom classes. I just need my website to work (I used one of the blocs templates) and then I start to learn the more advanced stuff.

Any help is appreciated.

Wheres exactly do you get the red error box? Can you please send a link of your website?

I have fixed it. Since posting here I have gone through my form again and it seemed like one of the fields didn’t have a name. I’ve been trying to get it working all day! Thank you for your quick reply!

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