Help with navigation placement on separate pages

I was wondering if there is a way to have a navigation bar in one place on my home page and then in another place on all the other pages?

So on all my pages, at the very top will be a section with company logo, phone, etc. Then on the home page, I want to have a full width slider and I want the nav bar to be under the slider. BUT, on the other pages, I would like the nav bar to be up top, under the section with the company logo, etc.

Is this possible? This isn’t a very large site so I can duplicate the nav bar and put it where I want, but if there is a way to have it within the global head area, that would be great.

Thanks so much!


Hi @annette0216
don’t sure if I understand the question …

One menu on the start page ? First the slider and then the menu ?

And on the other pages the menu on the top with logo etc …

I do it really quick … no styling :blush:

something like this ?

Yes, I think that’s it. So would you have to do that manually for each page? Or on page 2, can you put the nav bar in the global area? But then, wouldn’t the nav bar show up on page 1 in the same global area?

Give me a few minutes … I do some screenshots …

Create a new page. Click settings …


then disable top global area

Place your swiper and then a navigation bar

Disable the logo if you dont need one

Select source none ( I think this is default ) and duplicate the buttons you need …

On your other pages you use the top global area and all the pages you create have the same menu … but not the start page because you switch the top global area off

help that ?

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Got it! Works perfectly, thank you so much!


your welcome :slight_smile: