Helping each other on the forum

We see a lot more forum activity nowadays and that’s great, but there are significant difference between Blocs 2 and Blocs 3. There may even be people who are still using Blocs 1.

As a suggestion, I think it would be helpful when asking questions if users simply indicate which version of Blocs is being used. You are more likely to receive better answers and it will also help others assess whether something they are seeing has the same cause. There have been 6 updates already in the last few weeks since Blocs 3 was released with various fixes, so there are even differences between 3 and 3.0.6.

I did actually wonder if text signatures in posts might include basic software/system details by default, so we all know what we are talking about. Perhaps there could even be an option in the forum to select the Blocs version when creating a post? @Norm

The Apple forums always contain hardware and system information when you post a thread. Mentioning Blocs versions in posts will be of huge value for those who search in future and build up a valuable archive of information. It may well save Norm a pile of support requests, so time could be better dedicated to advancing the software and possibly a beer at Christmas :beer:


Good suggestion.

Even better, everyone should update to the latest available version before asking for help.


Ideally yes, though there may be valid reasons why somebody cannot update to the latest version. Perhaps even updating an old project for a client done on Blocs 2. I just find myself answering questions where no indication of the Blocs version if given and wonder what we are dealing with.

I mean either latest version of 2 or of 3 :+1: