Hero banner issue

Giving Blocs a trial use and am running into an issue with hero banner alignment differing between the app and the live site. Please see screen shot. The hero text content and button on BLOCS appears correctly, but on Chrome and Safari, it is pushed way further down the page. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening.

Thanks for any ideas.

Blocs has several choices for margins. You can change the whole setting from full screen to less.

You can also adjust the margin in the sidebar for the whole row and each individual text lines.

The text inside a hero centres based on the height of the browser window and whether the content within the hero fits central within the browser window.

I 'm aware of that. That’s standard responsive/hero behavior. The browser window and blocs are same size which is why it baffles me.


Correct. I noticed that as well, however I have margins set to X. However, when the site is exported, it’s almost as if it’s exporting with full margins engaged.

How does it look in Blocs when you preview it in app tap V

Hey @Norm,
Thanks for chiming in again. Appreciate any help. I’m a long time Rapidweaver user and looking to broaden into an additional software for some new projects I’m working on.

Preview (V) shows the hero content lower just like the browser view. I’ve also changed the site width in the project settings and that doesn’t seem to carry over to export either when viewing in a browser, but it does carry into preview mode in app (V).

I’ve thinking of starting from scratch to see if I get the same results.

The design canvas in design mode doesn’t give you an exact representation of the design, in app previewing gives you the same results as browser so this is all right.

While you build, design mode may be slightly off. Preview mode gives you a closer rep.

As for the max width, try a new project to see if you get same results it may be a bug with 2.4.1, or a conflicting class in your project.

BTW welcome and thanks for your support! You may spot a few RW users here in the forum :sunglasses:

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Thanks Norm,
Glad to be here. I’ve already seen a few familiar faces, yes! Trying not to bring over too many RW habits into this and using it with mind wide open. It’s familiar enough and very easy to use right out of the box.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me a lot. Thanks for the welcome! :call_me_hand:t3:

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I must be doing something wrong, or it is a possible bug. I’ve started from scratch and just added a navigation bar and can’t seem to get the exported site to hold width settings from project settings.

Project is set at width of 1450px
Preview (V) looks correct
Export (Opt+Cmd+B) and export (Shft+Cmd+E) always shows navigation at 1170 px.

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I’ll take a look first think tomorrow.

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