Hero navigatin in header global area

Hello! I need your help.

  1. I create a hero with a primary menu page. When I try to create a new blank page, it creates the same page, but I only need the header menu and the bottom. When I try to remove some of the elements in the newly created pages, they are removed from all pages. How do I leave the home page, but be able to add a new blank page retaining only the top menu without any elements?

  1. I use blocsapp-special-menu-blocsnav class to make heder menu like transparent. But when I scroll page down header menu have a thin black frame. How make menu transparent fully wituout any lines and frames?

Use the menu you want on the rest of the site in the Global area and on the page you want the hero go into page settings and disable the global area and put the Hero in the dynamic area.
I don’t know about the line suspect it’s a box shadow you might have to remove after export.

Hey, do what Simon suggests. I do it on all of my sites with hero images. The only possible downside is that you might have set up the navigation bar twice, once for hero and once for regular navigation.

Thanks to all!