Hero Problem

I try. to do the follow Hero solution. I do a short example screenshot.
I use a hero with a sticky navigation, and below the hero I want to use some icons close to the navigation. I am looking for two solutions:

  1. Scroll down and the Icons don´t get in the sticky navigation, I don´t want to have the icons in sticky nav.

  2. Scroll done and want to have the icons in the. sticky nav, but still look the same, not moved to the right

example no scrolling

example after scroll

any ideas for that ?
hope you all feeling well


Hi @tom2 . If understood correctly you’re best option would be a primary and secondary sticky navigation. @Malachiman created a tutorial on how to do this. Blocs 3 - Primary and Secondary Sticky Navigation - Part 1/2 - YouTube

Hey @Jerry
Jep, I think that’s good. I saw that video. But I thought if that would also possible with some new blocsapp feature ( flex / position etc )

And sometimes it would be nice to create a starting page without a nav bar and after scrolling the nav bar slides down :grimacing:
I like that kind of design.
Or two nav bars. But the down sliding nav bar got an other logo etc.
For example This page. I like the style :slight_smile:
Don’t know how to do this ( easy ) with blocsapp. Not much coding :grimacing:
Also in the mobile menu the icons Stil there

Thanks for your answer

That example site can be achieved rather easily in Blocs 4. Without code. Just classes.

I would suggest it’s worth learning how CSS work. Because a sticky bric adds classes when it becomes sticky to the top. Which you can then target with your classes to change styles. Eg the menu background becoming black on sticky.

When you learn the basics and understand how things work it becomes a lot easier to problem solve or build what you can visualise.

Hi @Malachiman
I write you a pm :upside_down_face: