Hero Slider

Any update if the Hero Slider will be available on the next update? Kindda eager to know because I’ll be needing that feature now. Also, I think we also need to update the carousel to make it responsive??? @Norm Hello hehe. :slight_smile:


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Sorry, no plans. Focus is on asset manager and dev API.


Good to hear.

@mackyangeles What do mean by making the carousel responsive? I’m working on one at the moment and just applied a custom class to the carousel itself with a fixed maximum size, but it appears to scale down OK for mobile when previewed in Blocs.

Hi @Flashman, thank you with this one. But the problem using this technic is that the image on the slide is cut. So maybe an option to fill center the slides. This one doesn’t work.

@mackyangeles This is the first time I’ve tried this in Blocs, but I’ve created images that are placed on a black background with a fixed measurement at the same size as set in the custom class. In this case that’s 500x500.

You basically end up with a black border on the side of the images where the arrows appear and none of the images have been cut. At the end you then make the Bloc background match same colour. I agree that it should be easier though and I think the gallery/carousel options need some improvements.

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@mackyangeles To make it responsive, make an Custom Class for that Bloc where the Carousel is, assigned to the Bloc and set 100 % in width, then it works

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@Paug That seems to deliver the same result as I had, except that you lose control of the maximum image size, unless you set it separately.

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