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Coming from SoftPress Freeway, I’m a total idiot when it comes to Blocs so please bear with me. I like the Hero Blocs but I don’t want the Navigation bar. Yet, Blocs won’t let me delete the navigation bar Container. I can delete the contents via the left sidebar, but the silly Container remains, taking up vertical space, which I dislike. Boy, I wish I could delete that awful Container, but he simply won’t let me delete him!

Why don’t I want the navigation bar? Actually, I do want it, but I want it to be sticky. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make the Navigation bar that comes with Hero blocks to be “sticky.” Yet, if I create a separate Navigation only Bloc, I can then select the Bloc in the left sidebar, and then in the right sidebar I see a checkbox named “sticky.” But the problem is that if I create that and a Hero bloc beneath, I end up with two navigation bars, which is why I am trying to delete the second one (which cannot be made sticky, for reasons that baffle my mind).

So what I am forced to do now is this. I create my sticky Navigation Bloc, then create a separate Hero bloc (two lines of text, then a picture, then 3 columns for text snippets), and then I want to delete the Hero’s Navigation “Container” entirely to reclaim that vertical space, otherwise there’s way too much space between my navigation bloc and the content of my other bloc below it. But I can’t delete that silly Container which holds the navigation content, even though I can delete the navigation content within that Container.

Could anyone please tell me how I can accomplish my aim?

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You cannot delete the container because it contains all in the hero bloc. What you want to do is remove the top row under appearance.



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You can switch off the top content area in the full screen Bloc settings in side bar. It’s a checkbox.

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Perfect! I just tried it. Works great! Thanks!

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