Herr von Muellerhoff is thick

Evening chaps. I’m using Google’s super Herr von Muelllerhoff font on my site at http://bramhill.net.

It looks fine in Safari but in Chrome and Brave it is ugly and thick.

I thought it would be a good idea to host the font on my server, which I’ve done via the font manager, as in Confused about adding fonts. I’m definitely using a downloaded font rather than the one via Google.

Still no luck. Any ideas, please?


NB: I know several of the links on the right are dead. I’m populating it as I go.

Looks the same for me in Safari as it does with Brave. Possible extension issue on your browser?

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This is what I get both at home and work.

Ignore the coding at the top – I was fiddling around before I discovered font manager.


That’s Brave on top and Safari underneath. I’d say they look pretty much identical here, so I wonder if you have particular browser settings in place.

Sorry, it’s the Bramhill and Hudson bit that’s giving me gyp. The main “Our adventure…” heading is fine. It renders broad on Chrome and Brave, which is odd considering it’s a Google font. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s called in or locally hosted.