Hi again - Still need direction on what to use!

Hi all,

I have been back and forth the last 2 weeks on who to carry on my company website with.

I have designed 60% of it on Rapidweaver-Foundation but still finding some basic elements so long winded and having to update from several sources all the time to make a simple thing work.

I just want a one stop shop and I will be honest I have looked at several website builders but Blocs keeps me coming back.

I had some great chats with @Flashman last year when he made the move from Rapidweaver to Blocs and see he is still a BIG user of Blocs and the community here.

So a few questions Id like to ask you professionals which is on my mind a lot if I joined Blocs:

  1. Doing a large website on say Blocs will be great, but if Norm decides to stop it and move onto something else, are we all in trouble when updates are needed to keep up with further developments such as Mac OS updates etc. Wix would be a safer bet with its business structure in place but what will happen with Blocs?

  2. Is there a Blog now in Blocs? I dont want to Blog a lot ! but be good to blog case studies now and again, or if anyone could show me how they do there’s with a link?

  3. I want to bring Instagram and Twitter feeds into my pages, can anyone show me their websites with them on - and I take it this is pretty easy?

  4. I believe you can run Blocs on 2 x Macs. Next year we will be getting new Macs for the office, is this a case of de-regerstring and register it again? I am hoping I don’t have to pay fully again to move to another Mac?

  5. How would developers who use WIx, Blocs, rapidweaver etc find blocs compares to them.

  6. I have attached an image of Tabs and photo slide show i want to keep - can Blocs do this?

Thanks all


Hi @AdieJAM, here is my 2 cent’s…

IMO Blocs does a bunch of great stuff out of the Box, but for me where it shines is its flexibility. I make large uses of the code Bric. And the export feature support for OctoberCMS was what led me to Blocs initially.

I was never a RW or Wix user, so couldn’t comment on those.

But the future of Blocs looks bright, the active development with API’s and Custom Bric’s, being able to save Blocks etc are all good signs of the future.

In answer to your question no. 6 Yes you can do that with blocs. Since it uses the Bootstrap 4 framework - tabs, and carousels are supported. And as I said earlier you are not limited to the vanilla Bootstrap versions, you can expand your options with scripts, you do not need to be a coder to implement things such as Owl 2 carousel etc.

For example, Instagram feeds which are difficult to do these days, but embedding a widget like https://lightwidget.com is as simple as adding a Code Bric and pasting the widget code.

My experience is that Blocs has speed my design process up considerably. It is a valuable part of my workflow. And I am learning more about how to best use the App all the time. This forum has been a big help.

Hi ya,

Thanks for the reply. I have had a play around with Blocs a lot recently on the trial and do find it really simple, The only thing I am struggling with is trying to do the Navigation in the correct colours, hover colours etc. A simple thing is throwing me !!!

Search Eldars YouTube Channel he has a lot of free content.

If you’re going to stick with Blocs, Eldars Blocs Master courses are really a great resource. The videos cover all the elements used Blocs. I’ve watched every video, the best way to really learn Blocs.


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well, you’re not alone in learning this one.

Blocs does a bunch of automatic stuff, using it’s foundation Framework called Bootstrap.

Navigation link colors when you use the ‘out-of-the-box’ navigation offers two options: Dark or Light mode.

In order to ‘customize’ this, which is where Blocs gives you more control, you need to use Custom Classes.

Eldar’s videos are the best source to learning how to do this.

This will give you a glimpse on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF3WejB8scQ&t=32s