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Hi Blocs community,

I am trying to find the easiest way to add a hidden page to my existing web site where I’ll have focused portfolio only for clients to which the address will be sent via email and will not be accessible / visible on a main page as a menu or link.

Would love to do it the easiest way, no need for a specific login for clients.
How are you doing these anyway. Do you have clients specific subpages?

Thanks, Mike

@Bill created a handy Bric for this:

Thank you,. Looks great but a hefty price for someone who does not need LOG IN / Secure access, As I wrote , I do not need Log In for Clients. Just need hide one page which will exist but will need just link to view it. Doable?

Well, in that case when you need a ‘hidden’ page which is actually not ‘hidden’ you have given the answer to your question yourself:

:wink: ha . . I am on roll today then.

Thanks for the link. Its obviously much more PRO and that Brick is already in my cart.
Will see how my solution will/wont work.


It sounds like a page which isn’t in the main menu, but a URL emailed to the client just to go to without logging in?
More than one client?
mydomain.com/client2 etc

In which case, all doable within Blocs (not taking anything away from @Bills Page Lock Bric).

Another way could be a subdomain.

Bill does have a Black Friday sale going on at the moment, FYI.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Maybe that works for you:
Use your password manager to generate an unguessable password with lots of digits. Use only letters (upper/lower case) and numbers. Use this as the name for your “secret” page in blogs. Make sure that you have not activated “Generate Sitemap” in the project settings! Export your page as usual and share the link.
This would result in e.g.: https://myhomepege/hfjierhierhui873846734jhbrejhui3z589z5u.html