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Hello, I would like to hide one of the pages of my Website and not link it for SEO, so that the visitor can only get to it with a corresponding link from my email funnel. I thought that I would export the page with and then move it to a subfolder on the server, that I name as I wish. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Does anyone have any idea how I can do this with Blocs?

I have attached the website setting. Furthermore a nice week.

I would tend to simply create the site as normal, but not include the page in site navigation. This way, there will be no link in the website that can take anyone to the page.

After export, create a new folder in the export location and move the page into that folder. Then upload the whole thing to your server.

That would work but it can be easier than that. Export it normally, but avoid any links to that page from elsewhere on the site or indeed the wider web and also make sure you do not tick the page setting option to index this page.

I have actually faced this issue in reverse, because I have a bunch of pages that will not feature in any navigation, but I do want them to be indexed, therefore I have set up an internal sitemap page reached from a couple inbound links found elsewhere on the site. When Google follows all those links it should then index the whole lot.

thanks @hendon52, @Flashman for the quick tips. I exported the pages quite regularly with Blocs and put them in a subfolder on my server. Unfortunately only the text is loaded and no graphical elements (see screenshots).

I sent an email to my hoster and asked him if it could be due to the subdomain.

That would break the asset links, though it would still work in theory if the assets were hosted remotely. If you just do it the way I suggested it should be fine and much easier to set up.

Sorry about that, @Flashman is absolutely correct. If the page uses local assets, they too would have to be added to the sub-folder. Personally, I would have thought it sufficient for your purposes to simply exclude the page from navigation and just publish everything to the root of your domain. You could still provide a url of the page to users and dispense with the subfolder altogether.

I would create a separate site for that and put it in a separate folder or even a subdomain.

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