Homepage not responsive?

I just launched http://www.zenmosphere.com and the homepage is not mobile responsive … Every other page is. Any ideas why this is? I do not have any domain forwarding active.

Thanks in advance!

Looks responsive to me. Why do you think it’s not responsive?

I’m loading it on my iPhone and the homepage text is super small, no hamburger menu… Doesn’t look like the preview on Blocs? It reverts to the preview-like Style when navigating to other pages?

The page is perfect on the desktop and responds perfectly when the browser width is restricted - it works as expected.

As you have shown, on my iPhone the desktop is scaled to fit.

I’m wondering if you’ve added a widget that interferes with Norms code.

I have a suggestion. Keep a backup of the blocs file and make a site version without any extras. See if that still has a problem. If the problem is gone add back the widgets until you find the culprit.

I’d also suggest trying out websites on a test server, rather than live ( or on live server in a subdirectory ).

Right …
On my iPhone SE the text is also very small and no hamburger.

One possibility would be
to set only a text size and position for the tablet and mobile view in the Classmanager.
The hamburger menu,
you can also activate only for the Tablet and Mobile view.

Perhaps my fast-paced snapshots help.

But on a desktop, there’s no problem, as the browser window is narrowed the correct responsive behaviour is seen.

I really wonder if an add-on script is forcing the page size and causing scaling.

@pauland … for that I am not wise enough.
My described way has worked with me in Blocs …
otherwise I would not have dared to write him here.

hi i have also some problems with my mobile homepage.

every single page is responsive except my homepage.

please help me.