Horizontal Page / Scrolling

I started to search for it, but didn’t find anything here …
So here is my question: I would like to realize a “horizontal webpage”_
(like this one e.g.: http://rice.jennytypes.com).

Is there any way to do that with blocsapp (blocs 3)?

Thanks in advance for any help/support …

It’s one of those designs that is intended to pick up design awards rather than user approval. The problem is that the text doesn’t all fit into the viewport on some devices - meaning you have to swipe back and forth to read a paragraph of text. This is not something that blocs is designed to do, although I’m sure you could do a bit of tweaking to the code after exporting if you really wanted this type of effect. Personally, unless you are a web designers looking to pick up awards rather than customers, I would avoid this type of site arrangement. If a website doesn’t function like a native app on a mobile device, you’l most likely lose the site visitor very quickly.

Have you found a solution?

I think you need to think a design like this through very carefully. They are terrible for responsive sites as @hendon52 mentioned.

It would be possible to create this, but…

For example this is how some of the text looks on smaller mobile devices. (And responsive design work with the idea “Mobile First”)

Having to horizontally scroll back and forth to read a line would put me off within seconds and I would leave the website.

That’s true. Still I need to put videos and photos not text. If the blocs is in full screen it should work.

I’m looking for something similar to example 4

still no idea how to implement it