Horizontal vs vertical menu

I’m brand new to Blocs and on a steep learning curve. I’m using the Passion template from Blocstemplates.com and have customized many of the blocs to the way I want them but I’m stuck on the menu. The menu list items are vertical making the header a lot wider than it needs to be. I would like to have the list items present themselves horizontally across the top and have spent the better part of half a day trying to get them to move. I’ve even deleted the nav bar and started from scratch with a new horizontal navigation bloc but the menu list items still only present vertically. What am I missing? Thanks for your help.

Your best bet for some help here is from @Eldar who created the template.

Thanks but I figured it out. I had to go to the class editor for .nav and saw that the position was set to block. I switched it to default and all was good. Cheers,

Hi Lance,

If you ever need any help with any of the templates, you can always contact me here.


Thanks Eldar.