How can i add a button on the menu?


is there any way to add a button on the top menu with blocs, i already do that manually but i wanna know if i can do that with blocs

check the reference here -> (top blue button call “contacto”, sorry, is in spanish)


See if this thread from the old forum helps:

There is also a video in that ^ thread:


that works!

is there any way to use the navigation menu AND have a button? because in the other way you are not using the navigation menu, just regular links :thinking: right?


To my knowledge there are not a lot of options otherwise when using Bloc’s “menu manager” system, presently.


hey @Norm, any advice here? :thinking: i also can’t add a class to an item on the menu, right? i think if that was possible we can do a lot more with the menus


@sanshiro It’s not possible at the moment.


hi Norm,
what about adding a button after a paragraph… i need this: