How can I change column ordering on breakpoints?

Hey all,
I’m currently testing Blocs in the trial mode and I have to say I’m pretty impressed by the software. For testing purpose I am currently building a new clients website, and want to finish at least two pages, before I decide to buy the full license. When I started to view my sites in different sizes I ran into a problem.
I want to manually switch at which breakpoint the column structure switches from two columns to one column. In the mobile breakpoint it is already showing a one column layout, but I already want the “Smaller Devices” breakpoint in a one column layout. While searching on the support site of Blocs I mentioned this manual. ( But unfortunately I dont have the option “Width” under the Apperance section as it is shown in the manual.

Could you please help me? I’m pretty happy with Blocs so far, but if this feature would be missing, it would be a no-go for me…

If you click in the arrow in Row you will fin d a column.
Click in the column and you will find in the right side bar a width option, just change from infinity to 12 and it will fill your viewport with one column.

You click in Row and you don’t have width option:

You click in Column and you will have that option on the right side:

Then you just click in the viewport options on the top and you change the width according the viewport you are…


Following on from the reply supplied by @Pealco, the part of the manual you linked to is a little out of date and refers to an earlier version of blocs. The options that @Pealco has illustrated are a more flexible way to deal with stacking. By way of example, a 4 column bloc at the LG breakpoint would have column widths of 3, on the MD breakpoint, the widths could be set at 6 to create 2 columns over 2 columns. on the other two breakpoints, the columns widths could be set to 12 to force the columns to stack one above the other.

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This video by Eldar helped me understand the columns in breakpoints…

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Thank you so much for the quick support! That’s exactly what I was searching for :slight_smile: