How can I stop Blocs 3 automatically copying blocs to all my pages of my website?

Hi, I just changed from Blocs 2 to Blocs 3. Now I suddenly (for example) have the problem that when I create a bloc on my Home page (1st page) it also copies it to all the other pages of my website (like About | Contact | etc). Is there a setting where I can change that, that I haven’t found yet. I haven’t had that problem within Blocs 2. Thanks for the help!

It’s a feature, global areas.

In app notices that show when you hover over the add buttons.

And this the first time you add a bloc in the global area:

Thank’s Norm. I think that in theory I understand that, and I see the message in the grey box in the top of the box = “Global area content will show on every page” but even if I place a bloc in the middle it is copied to all sites. And I don’t get a grey box anywhere telling me what the Dynamic are is. I figured it out in Blocs 2 but have difficulties finding the Dynamic are in Blocs 3. I see that I can change the settings of a site and turn global are on or of for one site, but can I also assign a Dynamic area or Global are to a single box of one site?

Ok, as I am creating a new Test-Website it works and everything shows up and is clear. I might have done something wrong right from the start as I set my other page up, while deleting and adding blocs. But I’m still not able to do it at my first creation.
Maybe I start it over and be more careful what I do.

You can move the blocs out of the global area, just drag em out via the layer tree or nudge them. Check the main menu Bloc > nudge

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