How do I amend my custom made blocs?

I have created several custom blocs that I reuse constantly. I have to make some minor changes to these, but when I open the Bloc Editor, I don’t see any way to edit the contents. I just see the title, author, keywords, etc…

I hope I am wrong, but right now the only way I can see this as possible is to copy all of the content from the blocs, make my changes, re-save them, and delete the old ones.

Is there a better way to update custom blocs? Thanks.

Yeah you can edit them. The way to do it is add them to a page, change them and re-save them

Hey Norm. Thanks for the response. I tried that technique to no avail. Maybe I am just doing something wrong. To test it, I edited a portion of my custom made bloc (which is an HTML widget) by simply adding the class “d-none” to an element. I saved the page, then inserted the same bloc just above the previous one. My changes were not there.

Are you meaning to say I have to right click on that bloc after changing it then choosing “Add Bloc To Library”? If that’s the case then I would have to go through the process of naming the bloc again, setting the keywords, choosing a category, etc… Also, this would just create two of the same bloc with the same name.

Is there something I am missing?


Yeah that’s what I mean. There is no update currently saved Bloc but it’s a good idea so I’ve added it to the future feature list.


Thanks, Norm! You’re the best.

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