How do I apply 2 actions to one form?

Hi all,

I have a form which requires to do two actions: submit the e-mail, AND forward the user to another page. Can anyone tell me how to do this in Blocs please?

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi @Hawkeye,

Thats already built into the form settings. Change the Success option from show message to “go to page” or “URL”.

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Hi @Malachiman,

Thanks for the info. I had this set, but while it took the user to the new page, the e-mail never arrived!
I’ll reset it temporarily to only send the e-mail and see what happens. It suggests there is something not right about this particular form…

Hi again @Malachiman,

Checked the form, and sure enough, there was a problem. That’s now fixed, and having reset the destination to "go to page’ as you advised, all is now working as expected… e-mail is sent AND the user is forwarded to the required page.

Thanks for your assistance.