How do I change a picture in carousel?

I left click on the present image and get a “Delete” option, but when I click on that, nothing seems to happen.

I just want to exhcange a picture to keep the webpage interesting.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.



Many Thanks!

Thanks for this @hendon52

This was helpful, as I’m finding most things with Blocs and images a bit on the kludgy or not-finished side, at least if focusing on content creation instead of every image needing special attention, etc.

As far as I can tell, there is no sane way to actually set the caption text in a multiple image gallery?

Let me explain - insert a gallery, and add slides beyond the default 3 to however many are intended.
Select ‘slide 1’ in inspector, drop image 1 into the box…ok. Captioning it can’t be done in the inspector, while if in Layer Navigator, clicking on the Caption under the respective Carousel item - doesn’t update the main UI (it should!), where you need to eventually get to, in order to add a paragraph bric in…to set your caption.

It also appears text alignment via inspector are for the entire carousel and not able to be done (possibly via custom classes, 1 per carousel image) at the individual carousel entry/image level?

Fingers crossed that we get a more in depth carousel with ‘simple’ options to have indicators outside the image and below or on the side.

And more flexibility to drop any bric inside. fingers crossed this is all coming in Blocs 4!

I am actually working on a slider on my website now, and id like the above and more transition styles and options on speeds.

The carousel and galleries are two different things in Blocs - although a carousel can be used as a gallery if that’s what is needed.

Essentially, a carousel is used for a wide variety of things, such as header banners that can change automatically, or they can be used for things like displaying text and image based content which the page designer wants to have changed either automatically or through user interaction. For this reason, the carousel has been designed to offer the maximum flexibility in its use - not just as an image gallery.

This is why the carousel has a container for adding text content. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a single line of text, as would be the norm in an image gallery. Instead, it can be populated with say a heading bric AND a paragraph bric. It can also be positioned top, middle or centre and it can be aligned left right and centre. Additionally, the container can be styled with solid or translucent background colour. Here is an example:

Galleries, on the other hand are different from the carousel as they are created by the page designer and and usually open in a lightbox which contains the back and forth arrows for skipping through the gallery. In a gallery, you can add captions to each image through the properties panel .

Galleries are created by adding images to the page and then selecting lightbox as the interaction type. This will reveal the additional settings shown above. As long as all the images are part of the same gallery, when the lightbox is opened, the forward and back arrows will be displayed in the lightbox to allow people to step through the gallery. If you have a situation where you only want a single image to display on the page that acts as a gallery trigger, simply turn visibility off for the other images in the gallery. Or even better, put all your gallery images except the displayed image into a single bloc and turn visibility of the bloc to invisible. Then place your trigger image in a visible bloc on the page.

When the trigger image is clicked, the lightbox will pop up and the captions and navigation arrows will display like this:

So, if you want the more convenient approach of adding a simple caption to gallery images, you should use the gallery/lightbox option. If you really want to use a carousel for a gallery, then you will have to accept all of its flexibility and and apply the options you want yourself. Unfortunately, we can’t have everything in a single element. If the carousel was designed with just a single line of caption text which could be simply added into the properties panel, I’m sure users would be screaming for all the other features expected of a carousel.


Thanks as always. Let me go back and play with this a bit.

What you said absolutely makes sense, but I seem to be always missing the simple way to do - what should be…simple. :frowning: Might be learning pains on my behalf, will go play with it a bit.

Stick with it - all becomes clearer with constant use. Good luck. :grinning: