How do I enable Typekit fonts?

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping to use Typekit fonts in my project as opposed to Google fonts.

Has anyone worked out a way to enable Typekit fonts so that they are editable with the Blocs project?

I have found this article that says you can add 3rd party code snippets to pages. However, it doesn’t go into how you can choose Typekit fonts within a project.

Has anyone else tried to do this?


Just paste the typekit snippet in the page settings header section.

they will show in preview mode but not in design mode yet.

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Hi Norm,

I have added the typekit snippet in the page settings. How do i then assign the typekit fonts to Headings and body?

I this only something I can do in the css file once I have exported the project? Or can I add the css in design mode?

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I’m still not sure how it is possible to work with Typekit fonts in Blocsapp.

You say they will show in preview mode, but how do I assign the Typekit fonts to my headings and paragraph?

From what I can see, I can only assign fonts through the font manager which only accepts Google fonts and Desktop fonts.

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Did you find a way to handle it? I have the same issue …
To all: Any solutions on that?


Could you please describe how the code is set?
Do I use the “@import-Link” version or the “” Version …

Is there any tutorial on that? Thanks a lot in advance!!!