How do I include an "anchor reference"?

I want to have a link that a user can click to get more information about the activities on a specific day and have it go to a specific part of a different page. I understand that that is not a native ability in Blocs. The suggested workaround in several questions on this issue has been to use a ‘go to url’ with an ‘anchor reference’.

Help a newbie out. What’s the code for that? A hashtag? A slash? Something else?

I have googled how to add an anchor and there are a lot of detailed pieces of code that I have no clue what they mean and many solutions seem to come with the code to highlight the text, but that part is already built into blocs.

I named my sections on the ‘more info’ page for the day they have information on.

So… is it just a… and then what? How exactly do I tell it I want it to go to section ‘saturday’?