How do I install the Hero custom add-on on my brand new Bloc?

I bought Blocs 3.3 and the Hero pack. How do I install the pack on Bloc?

Found it. COuldn’t delete the topic I just created (?) so I need to “reply” to myself… duh

Would be nice if you could post the solution as well, in case others have the same question.

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Okay so in the same boat. I have “double clicked” the bex file while blocs is open and gotten a message stating that the template is now installed. New project however does not have the hero bloc templates shown when trying to add a new page…? Can anyone help? I did a restart of the app and can’t find any solution.

Custom Blocs show up in the Bloc Bar not the template page.

If its a template you have installed, try restarting Blocs.

Thank you Norm for the quick reply…knew it had to be operator error

You are right, sorry. Just double-clicked the .bex file. Cheers