How do I make a bullets?

OR, how can I indent text underneath a bullet point (which I pasted into the text from another application)? My goal is to have a simple bulleted list with the text indented away from the bullets so they are more clear… moving text over by using space bar looks like it’d work but when viewed in browser the “extra” spaces disappear and nothing is tabbed over. Working in v. 1.6.2… help?

Is there a list bric in 1.6.2?


Many thanks! I had no idea this existed… searched everywhere else! Brilliant :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m using version 2.3.1 and found the List bric but once I add it to my block, I’m not seeing a way to actually edit the bric. I’m assuming that this is something really basic that I’m missing.

Any assistance appreciated.

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I too see the LIST bric and amusingly it’s icon is bulleted but I see no way of adding those bullets, hence my post here.

When I click to add a List Bric to an existing Bloc, I see three gray rectangles that say “EMPTY LI” inside. Fine and well, but what do I do now? How specifically do I use that to create a bulleted list?


@JDW with the list container selected you should see an option for butter style.

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Aha! Appearance > Style in the right sidebar! I see it now.

Thank you, Norm!

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Is it all I can do with the list bric? Is it possible to specify my own bullets? I mean icons.

you would need to create your own text items inside the list layout so use header+icon bric inside the list.

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Ok, Norm ))

In the past I made my own bullets by adding symbol characters at the start of each bullet point and showing no bullets.


I’ve either found a bug in Blocs 3.2.4 or quirky behavior. I am finding my bullets vanish in XS, even though they show just fine in LG, MD & SM. Do you know how to fix that?

Here’s how I have it setup:


In XS if I change the layout, the bullets suddenly appear, which is great!


But that layout change messes up LG, MD, and SM! And I don’t know how to do that layout change inside a Class, which would allow me to save different layout settings for each breakpoint.

In other words…

Using this layout in LG, MD and SM is what I need to get bullets and correct text formatting:


But I would need to use this layout only in XS to make the bullets appear in XS:


Any help you or anyone else could offer would be appreciated. Thanks!

Norm offered me the following reply:

The .body-text class has padding on the left and right on mobile. This is causing the bullets to be hidden. Possibly caused by overflow issues. Just remove the padding on that class and the bullet points appear as normal.