How do I modify a gallery to make sense on mobile?

I have a gallery which is working nicely on desktop. It technically works on mobile, but it’s dumb- you get stacked previews (almost good enough with just them), but when you click one, lightbox pops up an image smaller than the preview. How can I use visibility or some unknown (to me) method to make the gallery make sense on mobile? Or maybe just link to a different page with only the picture in question? But then how would you switch that behaviour between desktop and mobile? Hope that’s making sense. Related- has anyone written anything detailed on the visibility modes? I haven’t gotten into it and don’t understand how that works at all yet.

Nobody has made a gallery that needs to work on desktop and mobile?!

I use Juicebox linked to Flickr account albums.

Wow amazing work! The woodwork, not the gallery :slight_smile:. So this would be a replacement for the blocs lightbox, you don’t somehow use both and switch between for desktop and mobile? How hard is it to put into practice? Just some code in the head of the page?

I have the index slider, CAD to photos, magic corner and article images built in Blocs.
The other galleries are Juicebox. I take photos on phone, upload to flickr and they appear on site galleries. Juicebox os fairly straightforward it paste into iframe, but I choose to add code in Brackets after export as is is easy, gives more control and I only need to do it once.
Juicebox has good forum tech support and had a demo.
Because of the market Blocs is aiming for, I’m not sure this will come in all any time soon.