How do you set the desktop to show a Burger Menu in Blocs 3

I am easily able to find where to toggle between regular menu and burger menu in blocs 2 for a desktop site, I have no clue and can’t find how to change it in Blocs 3. Please help.

Also can’t get it in medium view for iPad, once I can do desktop I can do the same for iPad as well.

Select the toggle within the nav Bric, use the layer tree.

Everything is broken down in more detail in Blocs v3

I’ve been trying this for the past hour, it’s a big mess. Can you explain it in more detail or have some detailed instructions. I’m either getting a non functional burger menu, a menu plus regular navigation that is horizontal, or just the burger menu without it working. The burger menu in some places is unusable but there. I want to know how to get out of this mess and properly just have the desktop version show the regular menu fully working and the other 3 views only working with the burger menu. @Eldar can you post a video on this or post a response with screen shots.

Did you read this?

This is the layer you are looking for.00

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Also if you migrated from Blocs 2 with this project there may be some issues with migration, its a work in progress that we are working on perfecting, its just a big challenge with the number of various possible within Blocs. But its better than having no migrate at all.

If you could share your project with me I can take a look and see whats up.

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